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A scholarship in their name

A diploma can change a life! The Biblioteca offers a leading scholarship program to prevent high rates of school dropouts in our community. As many as 100 high school and university students are granted scholarships each year based upon social and academic criteria. In addition to economical support, we provide the students with mentorship during their studies.

You can help them by making a meaningful gift that funds a one-year scholarship for a student.

Make this gift as a tribute to someone important to you, or do it in your name!

It's easy and surprisingly affordable!

  • Click the Donate button.
  • Choose your amount and donation frequency.

ONE-TIME DONATION: You can support one High School student for one full year with $240 USD, or one University student with $480 USD. Choose the option "One-time"

MONTHLY DONATION: You can support one High School student with $20 USD/month, or one University student with $40 USD/month. Choose the option "Monthly" and write the Ending date for your donation under this precise format:

year-month-day (for ex: 2023-05-30 Please include the dashes)

Make it twelve months, or more!

  • Choose to honor or remember someone by ticking the box "Honor or remember someone", and write the names in the box "Whom do you want to recognize?"

  • Follow the payment instructions to process your donation.

That's it! You will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt.

How is your Honoree notified? We will reach out to you and ask you for the best way to notify that special person. We can send them a mailed or a digital tribute card, a personalized thank you video message or a nice certificate for you to handle directly. We know this gift is important to you, so we want to notify your honoree with the personal message you prefer.

If you have any questions, you can contact our Fundraising manager Marie Moébius at any moment:

Learn more about our Scholarship program HERE.