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Your public library in San Miguel needs you!

We commit to the cultural and educational life of our community. Your donation makes it possible! (all amounts in US dollars)

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We build community through education and culture.

The Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende AC provides a wide range of educational and cultural activities to foster a harmonious and vibrant community.

With your donation, we will :

- buy new books

- provide free clases and workshops: english and spanish as a foreign language, science club, piano, guitar, dance, choir, art, and much more...

- give scholarships to high school and university students.

Thank you for making it possible!

Education and culture are the keys to the social well-being of any community. Free access to knowledge is an essential ingredient that helps to build bridges within a diverse community.

But for the majority, commitment to an education is an expensive luxury and seemingly impossible to access.

We want to provide sufficient resources to embrace a thirst for knowledge and imagine unlimited possibilities.

We want to create a space where the diverse communities of San Miguel de Allende can collaborate, inspire and support each other in a beautiful and safe environment..

The Biblioteca Pública commits to maintain a safe, inclusive and non-judgmental center, which meets the demands for education, skills training, cultural enrichment and entertainment for our entire community.

The Biblioteca Pública programming is focused in 3 broad areas:

1/ Arts and Culture

  • The Biblioteca Pública provides free access to the largest bilingual library in the area. With a catalog of more than 55,000 titles, the Biblioteca has more than 16,000 members to whom we lend books.There are lovely spaces throughout the library for our members to discover a new favorite book.
  • We offer classes in arts and crafts, piano and guitar lessons, choir for children and adults, painting, sculpture, dance, yoga, etc. More than 400 people take advantage of these workshops and classes every year.
  • We also offer bilingual entertainment in the form of musical concerts, plays, and films at very reasonable cost in our Teatro Santa Ana, Sala Quetzal and Café Santa Ana.

2/ Education and Training:

  • We help our members increase their proficiencies in classes which include literacy, English and Spanish as a second language, sign language, computer technology, science club, mathematics, etc.
  • We fight to prevent the school dropout rate with our scholarship and mentor programs. As many as 100 high school and university students are granted scholarships each year based upon social and academic criteria. In addition to economical support, we provide the students with mentorship during their studies. In 2020 in conjunction with Rotary San Miguel, the Biblioteca delivered 20 laptop-computers to its university level scholars to help meet the new demand for remote education.

3/ Community Building:

  • We welcome our community in an inviting, safe environment. Access to our facilities is unrestricted and free. We routinely offer lectures on a wide variety of topics that are of interest to residents and visitors alike.
  • The Biblioteca publishes a bi-weekly printed newspaper in English and Spanish called “Atencion San Miguel.” All sales proceeds benefit library programs. This publication is also available online. The newspaper includes an events section called “Que Pasa San Miguel” that announces many options for entertainment and culture available in San Miguel.
  • The Biblioteca employs almost 50 professionals to ensure its day-to-day operations run smoothly. We offer all sorts of skills training to our staff.
  • We are thankful to have nearly 100 dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers make recommendations on book purchases for the library, sort and catalogue donated books, read to children, guide guests on House & Garden tours to raise funds for our programs, teach classes, run clubs, provide language translation, help copy edit the newspaper, and serve on our board of directors.

The Biblioteca Pública is celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2020. We are the oldest NGO in San Miguel, housed in an 18th century building in the Centro Historico. Our building is a historical and cultural landmark in town that has had many uses over the centuries before the Biblioteca occupied the space beginning in 1958. Today, it continues to be the most significant cultural center in town. The Biblioteca Pública has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people. We are proud to see many of our scholars who have successfully integrated into their professional lives, becoming active citizens and leaders in our community.